Creating a Whimsical Oasis: Amanda Thomas’ Journey to Transform Her Home

Amanda Thomas, the founder of Luv AJ jewelry brand, was instantly captivated by the charm of a 1,200-square-foot West Hollywood home. Despite its plain white walls and cheap dark floors, Amanda saw the potential in the property. The true allure lay in the presence of an Australian eucalyptus tree that reminded her of her mother’s hometown. With a desire to turn the house into a special retreat, she enlisted the help of her sister, Claire Thomas, an interior designer known for her eclectic style. Little did Amanda know, this decision would push her outside her comfort zone and redefine her living space.

As Amanda had recently gone through a divorce, she saw this project as an opportunity to create a mini oasis for herself. Sharing a home with Claire until the age of 25, Amanda was familiar with her sister’s whimsical aesthetics. In contrast, Amanda leaned towards clean silhouettes and neutrals. However, she wanted her house to feel eclectic and homey, which is where Claire’s expertise came into play.

The first step was choosing a color palette that would transform the space. Inspired by a green kitchen image, Amanda and Claire opted for shades of soft sage and olive to plaster the walls, both inside and out. This decision was a departure from Amanda’s previous cozy but beige decor. They embarked on a journey to find the perfect hues, settling on Grape Leaf as the main kitchen color and similar earthy Roman Clay tones for the rest of the house.

The bathroom became a focal point of the project, with stacked zellige tile contrasting beautifully with swirly Calacatta Viola marble. Initially, they faced a setback when the original stone shipment was lost at sea. However, a last-minute splurge on Calacatta Viola provided a timeless and luxurious touch to the space.

Amanda’s bachelorette pad dream was finally complete with the addition of a custom fluted walnut unit in the bedroom, refurbished dark floors, and checkerboard tiles around the in-ground swimming pool. The landscape design by Haley McMillen incorporated olive trees, lavender, and cacti to achieve a Montecito meets Tulum vibe.

To ensure the transformation of the house into a luxurious jewel box, the sisters focused on lighting. Skylights were installed to bathe the green-hued home in natural light, allowing them to fully embrace their chosen color palette. Additionally, a solid wall was replaced with wraparound glass to showcase the eucalyptus tree’s beauty and connect the interior with the lush front yard.

Amanda Thomas’ journey to transform her home showcases the power of collaboration and stepping outside one’s comfort zone. By embracing her sister’s imaginative style, Amanda was able to create a whimsical and personalized oasis that perfectly suits her new chapter in life.


Q: Who is Amanda Thomas?
A: Amanda Thomas is the founder of the Luv AJ jewelry brand.

Q: What was special about the West Hollywood home?
A: The West Hollywood home had an Australian eucalyptus tree that reminded Amanda of her mother’s hometown, making it special to her.

Q: Who helped Amanda transform her home?
A: Amanda’s sister, Claire Thomas, who is an interior designer known for her eclectic style, helped her transform her home.

Q: What was the color palette chosen for the space?
A: Amanda and Claire chose shades of soft sage and olive to plaster the walls, both inside and out, inspired by a green kitchen image.

Q: What materials were used in the bathroom?
A: The bathroom featured stacked zellige tile and swirly Calacatta Viola marble.

Q: How was lighting incorporated into the transformation?
A: Skylights were installed to bring natural light into the home, emphasizing the chosen color palette. Additionally, a solid wall was replaced with wraparound glass to connect the interior with the front yard and showcase the eucalyptus tree.

Q: What were some additional features added to the home?
A: A custom fluted walnut unit was added to the bedroom, and the floors were refurbished. Checkerboard tiles were also placed around the in-ground swimming pool. The landscape design included olive trees, lavender, and cacti.


– Eucalyptus tree: A type of tree native to Australia, known for its aromatic leaves and distinctive appearance.

– Oasis: A place or situation that provides relief, comfort, or a sense of escape.

– Eclectic: A style or approach that combines various elements or influences, often from different sources or periods, to create a unique and individual look.

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